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Why You Are Not Losing Weight: Hypothyroidism

Dr. Oz’s take on Hypothyroidism

Dr. Oz recently did a show talking about hypothyroidism and the inability to lose weight.  He had a few valid points as well as some take home messages about hypothyroidism.

Unfortunately, hypothyroidism is on the rise, and even if you are not displaying the signs and symptoms he mentioned, it is very important to get checked by your physician.

Hypothyroidism, in general, slows down your body: your metabolism, your temperature, and your bowel movements.  Other common symptoms include dry skin, dry hair and loss of hair, depression, and weight gain.  With that said, not everyone who is hypothyroid has the above symptoms.  I have seen anxiety, insomnia, heart palpitations, and infertility without ANY of the more common symptoms.

In conclusion, the rates of hypothyroidism are on the rise, in women and in men, and getting the thyroid “correctly” evaluated is very important for everyone.  Naturopathic doctors have smaller ranges for what we think is normal when it comes to thyroid evaluation, as well as many other lab tests.

Contact Dr. Du Moulin and get your thyroid “correctly” checked today.

Click on the following link to watch Dr. Oz’s segment on Hypothyoidism:


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