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Gluten Allergy related to Agriculture Change: Naturopath Shares Awesome Article!

Gluten insensitivity and increased Celiac disease related to agriculture change in the 1970’s!

Have you ever wondered about what is going on with all the gluten-free diets, foods, and restaurants popping up out there?

What is going on?

Do you have gas, bloating, mental fatigue, brain fog, headaches, diarrhea or chronic constipation?

You could be gluten-intolerant or have a full-blown allergy to gluten!

It is important to get tested and get tested correctly.

Contact RenŪ Progressive Medicine today, and speak with Dr. Samantha Du Moulin.  A a gluten-sensitive doctor, she uses her own experience and expertise to help you find the underlying cause of your symptoms.


Contact RenŪ Progressive Medicine at either location:

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web: www.RenŪ Progressive

This article is amazing!

Everyone needs to read this article and pass it on to others!

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