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Vaccine Integrative Approach

Vaccine Integrative Approach

Vaccine Integrative Approach

Vaccinations may well be the most controversial topic in medicine these days. There is heated and emotional debate on both sides, complete with name-calling and fear tactics. Most parents have questions about vaccines, and why not, with all of the confusing and conflicting information that they are bombarded with. Fortunately, there are answers about vaccinations that address these concerns and are both common sense and evidence-based.

Vaccines are one of the most powerful tools that we have in modern preventative medicine. Certain diseases such as polio, diphtheria, and rubella are now basically unheard of in the U.S. and we undoubtedly have vaccines to thank for this. We also have access to more vaccines than ever before. The current CDC vaccine schedule recommends children receive 26 vaccine doses before the age of 2 years. At some wellness visits a child may be inoculated against 8 or more illnesses at once.

There are many aspects to the vaccine issue, from public health, to individual susceptibility, to concerns about the ingredients in vaccines and how they are tested for safety. Finding a physician that you trust to help you walk through these decisions is an incredibly important part of your child’s health care.

Many parents choose to spread out, delay, or forgo certain vaccines. Dr. Cori Burke is happy to talk through this complicated issue with you and work together to create an alternative vaccine schedule that takes into account your child’s individual risk factors as well as optimal timing for vaccines based on the development of the immune system. There are also many natural therapies that may optimize vaccine effectiveness and minimize unwanted side effects.

CDC Vaccine Schedules and Information

Information about Vaccines and Alternative Schedules by Dr. Sears

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