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Top 5 CrossFit Injuries

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Top 5 CrossFit Injuries

that Chiropractors treat

Lower Back

An injury to the lower back should come as no surprise to most CrossFit athletes. When you are lifting such heavy weights, all it takes is one lift with bad form and weak abdominal muscles to feel pain. Lower back pain should not be ignored.


The knee is one of the largest joints in our bodies. Because of this, we are highly dependent on its functionality.  Our knees are made up of bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, muscles, joints, arteries, veins.  It is able to support up to 8 times our body weight.

Chiropractic treatment can resolve injuries and issues in the knee.


The wrist is an area of the body that is often overlooked by most athletes. In the age of technology, however, taking care of the wrist could not be more important.

The root causes of wrist injury are mobility and flexibility. CrossFit athletes push themselves hard, sometimes lifting too much too soon and can result in wrist injuries


Entrapment syndrome: A regular reoccurring injury among CrossFit athletes are shoulder injuries.

It’s not uncommon to see athletes walking through the gym, rotating one shoulder and vigorously massaging the muscles with the other hand. It often starts as a weakness or a tweak that creeps up when doing overhead lifts or an extended amount of pull-ups that the weakness and fatigue will appear.

Shoulder injuries are serious and require attention before they get require surgery


The most common CrossFit injuries, is an injury to the elbow.

For most CrossFit athletes, elbow pains appear when you are in the front rack position, preparing for a lift such as front squats, power cleans or full cleans. Most often, elbow damage can from improper positioning of the bar as well as over tension.
Resting is important, Proper technique is important. And treatment of injuries is important.

Dr. Tyler Emmert is specialty trained in treating and preventing CrossFit injuries.

Dr. Emmert accepts most major health insurance carriers.  Please contact RenŪ Progressive Medicine to book or book online!

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