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Time to get those warts removed

Time to get those warts removed!

Going barefoot is one of the luxuries of summer; but summer also carries an increased risk of contracting plantar warts. That’s because the virus that causes warts thrives in warm, moist environments. 
Plantar warts are small growths on the skin that develop when the skin comes in contact with the human papilloma virus.
If you end up with a plantar wart this summer or are continuously battling a painful plantar wart there are a range of treatments your doctor can use.  
Here at RenŪ Progressive Medicine we are offering a special on cryotherapy treatments for plantar warts. Cryotherapy is one of the most common and successful treatment used by primary care doctors and pediatricians for warts.

Cryotherapy also works great to remove any wart growth on the body as well as some skin tags and moles.

Cryotherapy utilized in-office liquid nitrogen to freeze away warts.  Although some cryotherapy products claim to destroy warts in one treatment, most people need repeat applications.

  • Cash Special: $50 per session, a session includes up to 3 warts (established patients only)
  • Insurance: Insurance does cover these yet every insurance plan is different.  Please contact your insurance company for more details!

Call our office for a consult or to initiate treatment today!
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541-399-6644 (Local Hood River)


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