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The Most Toxic Cleaners

The Most Toxic Cleaners

The Most Toxic Cleaners

A squeaky-clean, spotless house brings a sense of pride to many Americans, but here’s the toxic truth: something that should be making us feel good is actually making us sick. From cleaning ingredients powerful enough not just to cut through grease and grime, but also human bone and tissue to products labeled “nontoxic” and “green” that are in fact laced with hazardous ingredients.

Many of the products on the market made Environmental Working Group’s recent “EWG Database Cleaners Hall of Shame” list.

Take matters into your own hands and use green cleaning products.

It is also very important to check under the sink and make sure you don’t have any of the most dangerous products on the market in your home.

Keeping cleaning products in the garage, and not in the house, can be another safe way to store the chemicals away from where you eat and breathe!

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Here are some of the most toxic cleaning products on the market, according to EWG.



  • All-Purpose Cleaners
Simple Green Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner – This product is anything but green. It contains 2-butoxyethanol, a solvent that soaks through the skin and damages red blood cells; even more dangerous is that some people miss the fine print and don’t dilute it.



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