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Is A Multivitamin A Good Idea


is a Multivitamin A Good Idea?

Multivitamin preparations are the most common dietary supplement, taken by at least one-third of all US adults.  Should, or shouldn’t I take a multivitamin is a question I am asked frequently by patients.  The answer however, is not as simple as yes or no. 

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Weight Loss Dr Oz

Weight Loss Dr Oz Dr. Oz recently did a show talking about hypothyroidism and the inability to lose weight.  He had a few valid points as well as some take home messages about hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, hypothyroidism is on the rise,…

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IV Nutrient Therapy

IV Nutrient Therapy   Naturopathic IV Nutrient Therapy Has your energy decreased with the weather change? Have you been eating out too much? Drinking too much? Have you been a little stressed with the holidays? Are you feeling under the…

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Dr. Du Moulin has teamed up with the one of the BEST nutrition companies on the market! You can also order online! Click on the following link to learn more!

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