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ENOX2 Early Cancer Detection

ENOX2 Early Cancer Detection What is ENOX2? The ENOX2 protein species resides inside the blood.  It is unique to cancer cells and is not present in non-cancer cells.  These proteins are highly sensitive markers for early detection in both primary…

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Happy Tax Day Specials

Happy Tax Day Specials Because money might be leaving you today... We have decided to save you some money and have a little fun with this dreaded day! All supplements will be 25% off today! Supplements can be purchased over…

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The Thyroid Gland

The Thyroid Gland The thyroid gland is a small butterfly shaped organ sitting just below the Adam’s apple at the base of the neck.  The thyroid gland is responsible for producing, storing, and releasing two main hormones – T3 (triiodothyronine)…

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Discounted IV Treatments

  Discounted IV Treatments Discounted IV Treatments for July 2013 Dr. Samantha Du Moulin will be offering discounted IV treatments for the month of July, 2013. Basic Myer's Nutrient IV push: $35 (reg. $60) Immune IV Push with Additional Vitamin…

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6-Week Paleo Challenge

6-Week Paleo Challenge Hood to Coast Healthcare will be offering a Paleo Diet Challenge for the month of June and July, 2013. What is included in the challenge? Hood to Coast Healthcare has teamed up with PaleoPlan, a local Paleo…

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