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Low Estrogen in Men

Low Estrogen in Men Symptoms of Low Estrogen Levels in the Aging Male A recent study on estrogen and testosterone levels in males not only indicated that many signs and symptoms of aging men are related to low testosterone levels,…

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Discounted Sports Physicals

Discounted Sports Physicals Believe it or not, back to school is just around the corner!  Dr. Du Moulin is offering 35$ sports physicals through the end of September.  You can either call 503.477.7915 or schedule online. Please bring your school's sports physical…

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Discounted IV Treatments

  Discounted IV Treatments Discounted IV Treatments for July 2013 Dr. Samantha Du Moulin will be offering discounted IV treatments for the month of July, 2013. Basic Myer's Nutrient IV push: $35 (reg. $60) Immune IV Push with Additional Vitamin…

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Welcome Jo Gold!

Jo Gold, Yoga Therapeutic Practitioner and Personal Trainer Jo comes from an exercise and fitness background specializing in physical exercise. Jo is a Yoga Practitioner with experience in therapeutic and restorative yoga. Jo’s passion is working one on one with clients and can help you achieve…

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Men’s Health, Low Testosterone

  Men's Health, Low Testosterone Andropause and Low Testosterone Levels: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment Options at Hood To Coast Healthcare What is Andropause? The term andropause has been used to denote age-related decline in androgen hormone concentrations in men. Androgens refer to the…

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Lipotropic Injections

  Lipotropic Injections What are they? This injection is a combination of lipotropic factors and vitamin B12.  Lipotropics refer to substances that increase cholesterol and hormone metabolism in the liver, as well as decrease the liver cholesterol deposition.  With the…

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Road Biking Rowena

 Road Biking Rowena I have started to road bike!  After a year in Hood River, watching everyone with nice road bikes, mountain bikes, etc., I am now a proud owner!  I have always commuted around Portland, but long distance road…

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Cervical Cancer Screening

Cervical Cancer Screening Did you know in the past year the guidelines have changed for women with regards to cervical screening? In May of 2012, the American Congress of Obstetritians and Gynecologists (ACOG) released their current recommendations, which may allow…

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