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Digestive Restoration Program

Digestive Restoration Program The 6 Principles for Restoring Health Principle 1:  Optimize Digestion Principle 2:  Provide Soothing Gastric Support Principle 3:  Restore Healthy Intestinal Mucosa and Colon Comfort Principle 4:  Support Intestinal Defense Principle 5:  Promote Detoxification and Elimination Principle…

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5MTHFR and Histamine Intolerance

  5MTHFR and Histamine Intolerance The causative factors for histamine intolerance are many: Genetic susceptibility: MTHFR, DAO, MAO, HNMT, PEMT, etc Pathogens Nutrient deficiencies: B12, folate, B6, B2, B1, Zn, Cu, C, methionine Nutrient excesses: histidine, protein excess in general…

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Portland Nutrient IV Specials

Portland Nutrient IV Specials IV Specials! The cost of IV nutrients has increased rapidly and significantly. Starting July 1st 2015, Hood to Coast Healthcare LLC will be charging an IV Supply charge for all IV treatments when billing insurance.  When…

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Yoga and Cardiovascular Risk

Yoga and Cardiovascular Risk Yoga Decreases Cardiovascular Risk New research from the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology relates yoga and cardiovascular risk.  The conclusion being that yoga decreases cardiovascular risk.  The risk reduction is similar to walking and biking.  Yoga,…

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