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Tim Saur is health coach, personal trainer and self-taught chef. He received his education from the Institute for Integration Nutrition, a respected health coaching school based out of New York City. He received his personal training certification through SAFAX. Through this education he learned the concepts and coaching methodologies that have helped people reach their full potential through nutritional and lifestyle choices. He creates success for his clients by giving them powerful tools that propel them in their health journey, helping them over come their health concerns, gain more energy and fulfill their lifestyle goals.

After years of working in the retail coffee shop industry Tim grew addicted to sugar and caffeine. This lead to a dependency, low energy and finally burn out. He decided it was time to take action. After wading through countless articles and many books seeking out the truth, he finally found the answer was in a holistic and individualized approach to health. He realized that people benefit greatly from this knowledge and is excited to share this information with you!


“I enjoy being outdoors, fly fishing, cycling, trail running and playing an occasional game of horseshoes. When the weather turns I play ping-pong, snowboard and have to admit I am currently addicted to Cross Fit. It takes consistent energy for me to do all these things I enjoy and I know that there are many diets and programs that claim to be able to provide us with everything we need to maximize our health and energy. But what I’ve found is that there is no “one plan” that works for everybody. The best way to understand what’s best for you is having a guide to help sort through the mass of information out there and provide guilt free accountability to get you to your optimal health. “


I started working with Tim Saur about 9 months ago in order to take my fitness, focus, health, and overall wellness to the next level. I am 45, with 2 young children, 2 businesses and have little extra time to stay fit and strong. I wanted a plan from a person that could lead me towards my goals without making me feel more stressed or guilty about my daily actions. Tim has set me up through structure, planning, science, diet, goal setting, food preparation, and general guidance to achieve the athletic and fitness goals that I have outlined.

I have lost weight, lowered my body fat, increased overall strength, and feel more energized than I have since I was in my late 20’s or early 30’s. I am constantly trying to improve in life and this is a very important part of my overall health and well being.

I will be coming into this summer (2014) stronger than I have been in years for new kitesurfing moves, mountain bike sessions, trail running, supping and hiking with my family and friends. I feel very grateful to have met Tim and I will continue to refine my plans and program with him as the years go by.

I am a fan of Tim and I would recommend him to anyone that wants more from life on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

– Lance C Larivee
Business Owner
Portland, OR



My top goals upon starting Tim’s 6-month program were to lose the weight I had put on over the last 8 years of my life, to understand why I had put on the weight and why I continued to make decisions that were harming my health and to change my lifestyle from the inside out so I could make changes that would last a lifetime.

Tim was able to help me work toward these goals by letting me open up about topics that were holding me back from moving forward with my life and achieving health that was physical, emotional and mental.

The biggest tangible changes I noticed since beginning the program has been my knowledge of food and the role it played in my life and losing 12 pounds. Not only do I have a much greater understanding of what I put in my body but I also gained back the control to have food be a positive enriching aspect of my daily life.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my change in thought. What I thought health meant has changed and I’ve learned how much food plays a role in my mental clarity and attitude. I am more aware of my moods during the day and in touch with my health needs.

Tim approach is smart, fun and committed. He brings a holistic approach that is very effective and will have an impact that is beyond this programs time.

I would recommend his 6 month program to everyone!

– Lindsey Knight
Portland, OR



I turned to Tim as my health coach at a time in my life when I felt scared, hopeless and imbalanced. Working with him has been a life changing experience. He helped me gain perspective in a way that enabled me to live the life that I deserve.

In working with Tim, I was challenged to hold myself accountable and was reminded that I have the choice to be happy, everyday. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a professional and passionate person, who is an inspiration to all and who truly walks the talk.

We all know what we need to do in order to be happy, however it is hard to believe that it’s possible. Now I know it is possible!

I highly recommend Tim as a health coach. He has a true gift and can help anyone come to understand how to create balance and well-being in ones life.

– Amber Nelson
Cafe Owner
Hood River, OR

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