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Dr. Nathan Wagner graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine in 2019, following completion of his pre-medical degree with the University of Pittsburgh. He grew up in Pennsylvania, running around the beautiful Appalachian mountains, where his interest in natural medicine took root.

Dr. Wagner is open to working with anyone, regardless of gender, age, socioeconomic status, or political beliefs. He has a particular affinity for men’s health, sports medicine, and dermatology. Above all, he believes that knowledge and time are the foundations that health is built upon. To help demystify the medical field for patients, he aims to provide succinct explanations of the hows, whys, and timelines of health conditions and treatment plans. Aside from patient education, the primary treatment modalities he uses revolve around the lifestyle factors that dramatically affect our health like nutrition, movement, sleep, hydration, and mindfulness. As appropriate, he will use the wide range of herbal and fungal preparations, homeopathic medicines, hydrotherapy techniques, and pharmaceuticals within the scope of naturopathy. Ultimately, he is dedicated to helping patients achieve a continually greater sense of satisfaction as life progresses.

Life outside of the clinic is varied and colorful for Dr. Wagner. He takes advantage of the many recreation opportunities of the Columbia Gorge and beyond by whitewater kayaking, mushroom and plant foraging, hunting, surfing, snowboarding and more. While at home, he will likely be in the kitchen working on an obscure but delicious food project, reading up on interesting research, or getting lost in a fiction novel.

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