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Soy Linked to Meat and Egg Allergies

Soy Linked to Meat and Egg Allergies


Soy Linked to Meat and Egg Allergies

Soy is one of the most common food allergens.  It has been genetically modified and added to many processed foods.  Most of my patients notice gas, bloating, irregular bowel movements, fatigue, and depression when they are consuming soy.

Corn, gluten grains (wheat, spelt, barley, rye), dairy, and some citrus are amongst the other most common food allergens.

Common food allergy symptoms include irregular bowel movements, fatigue, anxiety, depression, gas and bloating, headaches, insomnia, and skin rashes and irritations.

Eating food allergens can lead to the inability to absorb nutrients.  When the body does not absorb nutrients correctly for many years, some chronic diseases can be associated.

Soy was once thought, and still is though by many, to be a “healthy” alternative to meat.  It is quite the opposite.

The following study links soy fed chickens and cows to egg and meat allergies.  Meat and eggs are not the problem!

Soy Linked to Egg and Meat Allergies

Make sure to consume eggs and meat that are from organic sources and that the  animals are fed correctly!

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Dr. Samantha Du Moulin has completed additional research and training in food allergy testing and treatment options.

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