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20% Off ALL Weight Loss Supplements!

20% Off ALL Weight Loss Supplements!

20% Off ALL Weight Loss Supplements!

RenŪ Progressive Medicine will be offering 20% OFF all weight loss supplements until 5:30pm 3/11/14

Some of the supplements that are included involve the following:

  • Garcinia Cambogia extract (Garcinia HCA): Weight management support
  • CLA Away: L-carnitine, Green tea extract, and chromium for blood sugar balancing and weight loss support
  • UltraLean Thermo Max: Helps with weight loss plateaus and metabolism support
  • Optimized Carnitine with GlycoCarn: Increase in cellular energy and metabolism support
  • Optimized Saffron: Appetite suppressant, decreased sugar cravings and decreased snack cravings
  • UltraLean Protein Shakes: Improve body composition and maintain or lose weight
  • UltraLean Protein Bars: Low carb protein bars
  • Paleo Protein Bars: Healthy, nutritious tasting protein bars with high protein and low carb
  • MCT Oil: Studies have demonstrated that MCT Oil consumption along with a healthy diet can help to maintain a healthy body weight, while sparing lean tissue
  • Klean Protein Shakes: Pure, clean whey protein shakes
  • Paleo Meal Protein Shakes: Healthy, nutritious tasting protein shake with high protein and low carb

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