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Paleo School Lunch

Paleo School Lunch

Paleo School Lunch

Grain-Free and Dairy-Free School Lunch Ideas

I came across these healthy, quick and easy school lunch ideas the other day while researching for my boyfriend’s 7 year-old son.  We have recently decided to take him off dairy and are working really hard to get him completely off grains, especially gluten grains.  He had been coughing more recently with increased mucous production.  Dairy is a one of the common foods that increases mucous production in the body.  Other food intolerances can do this as well, but dairy is usually the main contributor.  His son has been of dairy for a few weeks now and although he still has a bit of a cough, we are barely noticing it.  He is also sleeping MUCH better.

The above is just one example of a allergy-free and fun lunch idea for the kiddos, but if you would like to see more ideas, click on the following link:

Paleo School Lunch Ideas

To learn more about food allergy testing and treatment protocols, CLICK HERE.

Dr. Samantha Du Moulin, Naturopathic Doctor

*Bio-Identical Hormones, Weight Loss, Hypothyroid, and Autoimmune Disease Specialist

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