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Paleo Kids Recipes

Paleo Kids Recipes

Paleo Kids Recipes

Not only is the paleo diet extremely helpful for keeping cholesterol down, giving people more energy, and keeping weight down, it is also very beneficial for children as well.  Unfortunately, in our society most children’s food is laden with wheat and other grains.  Newer research is showing increased food allergies, disruptive gastrointestinal issues, childhood obesity, and mental-emotional issues with poor diets, processed foods and diets found high in sugars and carbohydrates.

I have included a link that briefly explains the benefits of paleo recipes for children and gives 31 FREE recipes that your kids are sure to love.

Here are many of the symptoms children can display when they are eating poor diets and food allergens:

Contact Dr. Du Moulin today if you are interested in a nutrition and diet consult for your child.  Food allergy testing is often covered by insurance companies.

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