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Online Supplement Store

Online Supplement Store

Online Supplement Store

15% Off Supplements

when purchased online at our supplement store through Natural Partners!

NP Script: Your personalized online dispensary for professional-grade products
You can search the web for hours looking at supplements! There are so many sites that sell supplements now and it can be VERY overwhelming and time consuming.  Most people spend time looking for supplements in order to find the best deal and a good, solid product that they can trust.

Many of the supplements found online or at major supplement stores have fillers and decreased levels of bio-available contents.  Who and what can be trusted?

NP Script is an online supplement store that was created by Natural Partners. Natural Partners is a supplement distributer that works with physicians and other practitioners in order to offer the best quality of supplements on the market all under one click!

With NP Script, you can get high-quality supplements that have been verified by your doctor or medical practitioner.  

If you are a new customer, please enter the following code: 215 and setup your account. The code is specific to RenŪ Progressive Medicine, LLC

If you are a retuning customer, please login and welcome back!

Please click on the following link to either login or setup your account:
RenŪ Progressive Medicine NP Script

Customer Service (888) 950-2767

Monday – Friday 6:30 am to 5:00 pm AZ Time

Order by 2pm and get same day shipping

NP Script

*Some supplements sold at RenŪ Progressive Medicine are not offered on NP Script
*Please contact the front desk at RenŪ Progressive Medicine if your supplements are not listed online. We are happy to add them if available

Hood River Location: 541-399-6644
Portland and Oregon Coast Location: 503-477-7915

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