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Oceanside Surfing

Oceanside Surfing

Oceanside Surfing

I spent the past weekend staying in Netarts Bay which is off a peninsula from Tillamook.  Many people are unaware that Oceanside exists.  When you come into Tillmook, you follow signs for HWY 131 (Oceanside-Netarts Highway).  It is not along the 101 like most Oregon coastal towns and can be missed.

Wow! What a beautiful weekend and great surf!  The sun was shining on us the whole time!

When windy, Oceasnside is a very popular windsurfing and kiteboarding spot.  When calm, the surfers come out.

The water was crisp and clear, and I even surfed next to a seal lion.  He/She was enjoying the surf as well!

Just a update on the weekend!  We are so lucky to live in this beautiful state of Oregon, and to be having the best Indian Summer!

Dr. Samantha Du Moulin, Naturopathic Doctor



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