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Naturopath’s Favorite Hike

Naturopath's Favorite Hike

Naturopath’s Favorite Hike

Dog Mountain

The Gorge, around Stevenson, Washington.

I did the hike this morning with my 3 dogs.  We were at the top by 8:30am, and down by 9:30am.  it is so beautiful up there in the morning.  My dogs were so happy!

I do this hike ALL the time, but especially in the summer when the wildflowers are blooming.

It is about a 4000 ft elevation gain, and 8 miles round trip!  It can be very busy on the weekends, so it is best to get there early.  Bring water and a snack to have on top.  It is a great work out for the dogs too and is a very friendly dog hike.

The weather is looking beautiful for the extended forecast!  Time to break out those hiking shoes, stretch out those legs, and push yourself on one of the most gorgeous hikes in the area!

If you need a good work out, give Dog Mountain a try.

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