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Naturopath: Located above Flow Yoga, Hood River

Naturopath: Located above Flow Yoga, Hood River

Naturopath: Located above Flow Yoga, Hood River

Dr. Samantha Du Moulin office is located above Flow Yoga, downtown Hood River.

Dr. Du Moulin is very excited to have her office right above a yoga studio.  They also offer spin classes!

One of her closest friends, Dell Taylor, is a teacher and yogi downtown Portland.

She is currently completing a photo series of her yoga poses by herself and with others.

The following photographs are part of a series she is working on.

Congrats Dell!

Why is the room hot?
Any exercise requires our body-temperature to rise before calories can be burned. The heated room just makes the 60- or 90-minutes of your exercise that much more efficient. The heat means we can get into postures more deeply and effectively. Plus, the benefits of the postures come more quickly. Like thousands before you, you will find that practicing yoga in the warm room creates a satisfying and almost addictive feeling of achievement. The heat also allows:

  • Fat to be burned more effectively; fat may also be redistributed and burned as energy during the class.
  • A fluid-like stretch promoting for greater range of safe motion in joints, muscles, and ligaments .
  • Capillaries to dilate which helps oxygenate the tissues, muscles, glands and organs, and eliminate toxins
  • Peripheral circulation to improve due to enhanced perfusion of extremities .
  • The metabolism to speed up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids.
  • A strenghtening of willpower, self-control, concentration, and determination due to the challenging environment .
  • complete cardiovascular workout .
  • Detoxification and elimination through the skin, which is the body’s largest elimination organ .
  • An improvement in T-cell and immune system functioning .
  • An improvement in nervous system function, allowing messages to be carried more efficiently to and from the brain.
  • Muscles and connective tissues to become more elastic, allowing greater flexibility while reducing the chance of injury and enhanced recovery.

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