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Glutathione Naturopath

Glutathione Naturopath

Glutathione Naturopath

What functions does glutathione do in our body?

Glutathione is the most important molecule to stay healthy and prevent disease.  It is essential for preventing cancer, heart disease and dementia.  It is necessary for treating numerous diseases from Alzheimer’s to autism.  Over 76,000 medical articles are written about the importance of Glutathione.  Our bodies produce our own glutathione, but unfortunately due to diet, pollution, radiation, and various disease processes,  the need for glutathione is greater than our body’s ability to produce it. Research has found that many chronically ill patients have glutathione deficiencies including: chronic fatigue, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, chronic infections, arthritis, asthma, kidney and liver disease, autism, and autoimmune disorders.  If you are very sick, it is most likely you have a glutathione deficiency.  The body’s ability to produce and maintain optimal levels of glutathione is critical to recovering from all chronic illness, prevention of disease, and to maintain optimal health and performance

What is glutathione?

Glutathione contains the following: cysteine, glycine, and glutamate.  Free radicals and toxins stick to it like fly paper.  Normally, it is recycled in the body except when the toxic load gets too high.  We all evolved from a time before 80,000 chemicals existed in our environment, before electromagnetic radiation, before we polluted our environment.  Our body is not built for the poisoning through food and environment we exposure it to on a daily basis.  When we overwhelm our bodies with consistent oxidative stress, our body is not able to recycle the glutathione molecule, leading to depletion and illness.  We are no longer able to protect our bodies from free radicles, infections, toxins and cancer, leading to further accumulation and illness.

Glutathione is also an integral part in regulating our immune system.  Studies has shown benefit in treating AIDS

Glutathione helps us reach peak mental and physical functioning.  Raised glutathione levels in the body have been associated with decreased muscle damage, reduced recovery time, increased strength and endurance, and it also shifts metabolism from fat production to muscle development.

Research has shown the highest level in the healthy and the young, and the lowest in the hospitalized and sick elderly.

How can genetic testing aid in detecting glutathione deficiency?

The inability to “make” and “recycle” glutathione in our bodies has been shown to be one of the genetic polymorphisms (small genetic changes) that is shown when genetic testing is preformed on chronically ill patients.  Genetic testing is key to preventative medicine.  If we know what is genetically programmed in us (the stuff that is out of our control), we can prevent chronic disease from occurring in the future.

What foods are high in Glutathione?

Sulfur containing foods: garlic, onions, broccoli, watercress, cauliflower, cabbage, and kale.

What supplements can I take to increase Glutathione?

  • N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid:
  • B12, Folate, B6
  • Selenium
  • Milk Thistle

How does IV Glutathione surpass oral supplementation?

Through genetic testing, it has been noted that much of the population do not activate their glutathione, thus leading to more difficulty with liver functioning and detoxification.  Many chronic diseases have been associated with this genetic polymorphism (small genetic change).  You cannot take pure glutathione orally, it does not get absorbed through the GI tract.  It is possible to take the precursors to glutathione orally, but not everyone in the population can “make” and “activate” glutathione from these precursors.  IV glutathione enters the blood system directly, bypassing the GI tract, and thus getting directly delivered in its whole form to the cells of your body.




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  1. When you can’t have the IV glutathione, or if you want to avoid the up’s and downs of IV glutathione treatments, you might want to try the suppositories offered at They have 500mg of IV quality glutathione in each suppository. One inserted each evening prior to bed can assist in keeping the bodies level of glutathione stable over a long time period. It has made an unbelievable improvement in my life.

    1. Thanks for that information, Sue B. I have the polymorphism also on both chromosomes. I do take Redi-Sorb lipoceutical glutathione (at as Lipoceutical Glutathione — cheaper), my blood test levels of glutathione are good, if that means anything. I was very surprised.

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