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Medical Aesthetics At Renū Progressive Medicine

The beauty of receiving your aesthetic services at our progressive naturopathic clinic is that we care not only about your skin health, we care about your overall well being. As a progressive wellness center, our typical guidance for patients attempts to slow the degenerative process of aging and encourage a more youthful internal and external milieu.  The use of non-invasive cosmetic procedures is a specialized way to reverse or prevent the external signs of aging. 

At Renū Progressive Medicine, our aesthetic treatments are part of a broader plan to help clients create a more comprehensive anti-aging program. We support our patients in a way that is different from conventional practitioners. We offer supplemental treatments that include lifestyle modification, optimizing wellness and preventing chronic illness. We welcome the opportunity for our patients to utilize all treatment modalities that we offer, along with skincare, in order to maximize your cosmetic results. Some of these areas include lifestyle adjustments, stress management, nutrition, hormone balancing and optimizing and improved sleep. We strive to give our patient’s a natural result that leaves them looking and feeling refreshed. 

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