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Kate Edwards Photography


Kate Edwards Photography

I thought that I would take a break from nutrition, diet, and exercise blogging… at least for a night!

My little sister, Kate Edwards, is an amazing fashion photographer in NYC.  She spent her early years in Michigan (with me), lived in Italy studying art/photography, and then completed her degree in photography from Parsons The New School for Design in New York City.  She currently lives in Brooklyn and has successfully put her name on the grid in the big apple!

Kate’s main focus in photography is fashion and music.  She recently completed the album cover for Emma Louise.

She is an amazing photographer and deserves the time to check out her work!

I have included some of my favorites, but please visit her website, it is worth your time!

Congratulations lil’ sis!  Much love!



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  1. i think kate is better than most of the current “big” fashion photographers. i haven’t seen fashion photography like it — with its quality of photograph, creativity, and actual aesthetic innovation — in a very long time. if Kate can figure out a way to smash a rock through the gross fashion bureaucracy, i have no question she will cruise to the top of her field.

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