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Identify Hidden Sugars

Identify Hidden Suagrs

Identify Hidden Sugars

Here is how to identify hidden sugars in your diet which are compromising your ability to lose weight

Not all sugars are created equal, and they’re hidden in most of today’s processed foods.

Are agave, natural juice, and raw cane sugar better for me?

No.  They will still wreak havoc on your health.

To End Sugar Cravings, Your Body Needs to Burn Fat as Its Primary Fuel

Once you break free from your body’s constant need for yet another sugar fix, you’ll experience great levels of newfound energy and clarity of mind. But in order to get there, you need to retrain your body to burn fat as its primary form of fuel instead of sugar.

There is a transition period where your body goes from burning sugar as the main fuel to burning fat.  This transition period can be hard.

If you’ve tried cutting calories while still eating foods like gluten, pasteurized dairy, and processed fructose, yet failed to lose weight, the problem lies not in insufficient calorie restriction. Rather, you were still eating the wrong foods although in smaller amounts.

What you eat makes all the difference, and when it comes to successfully losing weight, a major key is switching your body from burning sugar to burning fat as its primary fuel.

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