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Gluten-FREE and still having symptoms


Gluten-FREE and still having symptoms

The following article explains the reasons behind the various pathways and basic physiology that is interrupted with gluten and other food intolerance.  It is very important to heal the body in a specific pattern when food allergies have been an issue.  The body is effected on multiple levels, not just the gut!

It is important to contact a naturopathic doctor that specializes in food intolerances and physiological repair of the gastrointestinal system and the concomitant signs and symptoms that have occurred because of the food allergy.  Taking away the food allergy is just one small part of the correct treatment plan.

Contact Dr. Du Moulin today regarding her extensive and comprehensive treatment protocols.

Click HERE to read a great article and watch the video.

What are the most common foods that I could be intolerant to?

The most common foods that people are intolerant to tend to be the foods that we eat the most of in our society.  Certain grains, dairy products, and corn are some of the most common food allergens.  It is important to evaluate the possible foods you may be having a reaction to.

How can I test for food allergies and intolerance?

There is a variety of testing that can be completed to evaluate food allergies and intolerances.  It is important to complete a full health history, physical exam, and diet evaluation with your physician.  Your physician will determine the best testing options for you with an associated customized nutrition protocol.  Dr. Du Moulin specializes in allergy testing and treatment protocols.


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