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Genetic Testing for Breast, Ovarian, and Colon Cancer

Genetic Testing for Breast, Ovarian, and Colon Cancer, Breast cancer Genetic testing Portland

Genetic Testing for Breast, Ovarian, and Colon Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Do you qualify to be genetically tested for breast cancer, ovarian and/or colon cancer?

Dr. Samantha Du Moulin has teamed up with Myriad and thoroughly trained in screening and genetic testing for various cancers, including the ones listed above.

There are many factors involved that predetermine if someone qualifies for genetic testing for certain cancers. If you believe you might qualify due to a strong family history, please do not hesitate to stop into RenŪ Progressive Medicine and fill out the basic screening form. Dr. Du Moulin will go over the form with you and determine if you qualify.

Keep in mind, if there is one immediate family member that has been diagnosed with cancer before the age of 45, you will most likely qualify. Also, if there is ONE family member who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, you will most likely qualify.

If you do fit the criteria for genetic testing, the test is easily competed via a saliva sample and sent to Myriad.
Myriad will check you or insurance coverage for the testing. If you do fit the criteria, most, if not all, of the genetic test will be covered. Myriad will not run the final test until insurance is contacted, the patient knows their exact out-of-pocket expense (if there is one), and the patient gives the final “okay”.

Genetic Testing, if completed correctly with recommended treatment and protocols, can prevent up to 9% of cancers!

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