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GeneSight Genetic Testing

The GeneSight® Psychotropic test

Have you failed medications in the past?
Is your current medication not working for you?
Are you taking medications that cause unwanted side effects?

The GeneSight® Psychotropic test analyzes your DNA If you have moderate to severe depression, the GeneSight Psychotropic test can help your doctor understand how your DNA may impact medications. GeneSight Psychotropic is a pharmacogenomic test that analyzes clinically important genetic variations in your DNA and is intended to provide your doctor with genetic information to help inform their medication selection. Since genetic insight is only one part of the puzzle, your doctor at Renū Progressive Medicine will also take into consideration your entire clinical profile when considering whether a medication is right for you.

Does Insurance Cover This Test?

Most insurances will cover partial of the test with $330 being the largest out of pocket expense. Some insurances cover the entire test! The lab company is happy to look into your benefits before running. 

How do I get tested?
Please make an appointment with your physician to discuss if this test is right for you. They will then order the test and you will complete the test in office. It is a simple “cheek swab” test!

Please contact Renū Progressive Medicine for any questions you might have or CLICK on this link to book your appointment with your practitioner! 

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