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Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Dysfunction

What is Female Sexual Dysfunction?
Female sexual dysfunction is defined as a lack of interest in or enjoyment of sexual activity that is distressing to a woman. It can result from a loss of sex drive (libido), an inability to become aroused or to reach an orgasm, or pain during intercourse.

What Causes Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Female sexual dysfunction can stem from a combination of the following:

Sexual Dysfunction: Hormone and Adrenal Health

Sex Hormones:
Multiple hormones are involved when assessing female sexual health. Commonly, testosterone levels are the first hormones that are considered when addressing sex drive (libido).  All hormones have a important rule in female health and all should be tested and addressed when completing a hormone evaluation and sexual health assessment on each patient.

Adrenal Health:
The adrenals play a key rule with energy, stress, mental clarity, focus and sex drive. Adrenal cortisol levels and neurotransmitter levels are often overlooked when assessing sexual health and function. Healthy serotonin and dopamine levels are related sexual desires and arousal.
How is it tested?

Hormones can be tested 3 different ways! The practitioners at RenŪ Progressive Medicine test via blood, urine or saliva. Every patient case is different and different testing companies may be used.  Adrenal health is best tested through urine and/or saliva testing. Your practitioner is fully trained to order and interpret these specialized tests.

How is it treated?

First, the cause of the sexual dysfunction could be one or a combination of a few reasons. The goal is to complete necessary testing, evaluation and complete health history in order to determine. Your highly trained healthcare practitioners at RenŪ Progressive Medicine are happy to meet with to start the process for an improved sexual health and well-being!


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