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The Truth About Estrogen Replacement

 The Truth About Estrogen Replacement

 The Truth About Estrogen Replacement

The truth about estrogen replacement:

I was emailed this article today about the “real” research behind estrogen replacement therapies and cancer rates.

Although I have been educated for many years on this research, it always makes me smile when another doctor, especially an MD speaks out!

I recently attended a seminar with A4M in Las Vegas and this was a very hot topic at the conference.  Researchers from Harvard were speaking about the myths behind the risk for cancer and hormone replacements therapies.

In summary, synthetic estrogens have NEVER been linked to increased cancer risk in ANY study ever completed.  Synthetic progestins, on the other hand, have.  Please do not get synthetic progestins confused with bio-identical progesterone.  They are completely different.

Please read the following article, written by Neal Rouzier, MD:

Estrogen and Breast Cancer

This a great article that goes through the details and research behind the safety of prescribing estrogens and how estrogen prescriptions do not increase cancer risk.  Highly recommend that you take the time to read it!

If you have ever been concerned with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy or have questions, this article will calm your thoughts and answer your questions.

Please, if you have any questions, please contact, me, Dr. Samantha Du Moulin.

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