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DUTCH Hormone and Adrenal testing

Dutch Testing

DUTCH Hormone and Adrenal testing

This advanced hormone testing  was developed in order to improve upon the available hormone testing options.
DUTCH offers a very extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones. The most important aspect of this testing is the ability to test hormone metabolites and their rhythms within a 24 hour period.

Dutch was specifically developed in order to monitor all aspects and forms of hormone replacement therapy.  BHRT (Bio-Identical hormone Replacement Therapy) can come in numerous forms: gels, creams, oral, sublingual and suppository.  DUTCH testing offers an accurate evaluation of all types of BHRT.
One of the best aspects about DUTCH hormone and adrenal testing is the ease of use.  Patients collect 4-5 urine samples in a 24-hour period.  They are then easily shipped and are stable for several weeks.

Precision Analytical and DUTCH testing methods complete rigorous validation processes. They pride themselves in relentlessly pursuing the most accurate and precise techniques available for testing.
Dr. Samantha Du Moulin and all of the physicians at RenŪ Progressive Medicine have teamed up with DUTCH Advanced Hormone Testing in order to offer the best testing available for hormone and adrenal evaluation.

Let’s get your hormones and adrenals tested! 

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