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Discounted Testosterone Testing

Discounted Testosterone Testing

Discounted Testosterone Testing

We hate to tell all of you fantastic, aging men out there, but most likely, if you are late 30’s and above, your testosterone is decreasing.

It is very well known that in the health field, men do not regularly seek medical care until much later in life when compared to women.  Healthy women begin seeing physicians annually from the time they are young adults.  The practitioners at RenŪ Progressive Medicine have specialty training in men’s health, optimizing healthy aging, muscle mass and weight supporthormone balancing, prevention of chronic disease, and libido support as men age.

RenŪ Progressive Medicine will be offering discounted testosterone testing via saliva for the remainder of the month for $75.  This will also include DHEA, another very important hormone to optimize as you age.

Many health insurance companies will cover the cost of this testing if you do not have to meet a deductible.  Please inquire within.

When testing is received, we will offer a discounted consult with one of our doctors at $85 for non-insurance covered patients.  If you have insurance that covers our practitioners, this does not apply to you.  If you are an established patient, please inquire within for the cost of your follow-up visit.

Wives, girlfriends, and partners, please feel free to make the appointment for the man in your life! (if he verbally “ok’s” it!)

Please call the office to make a time to pick-up your hormone testing kit!

What are the Symptoms of Andropause?



Irritability, Anger, and Mood Swings

Loss of body hair

Abnormal weight gain

Decreased muscle mass

Brain Fog

Lack of motivation


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