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Digestive Restoration Program


Digestive Restoration Program

The 6 Principles for Restoring Health

Principle 1:  Optimize Digestion

Principle 2:  Provide Soothing Gastric Support

Principle 3:  Restore Healthy Intestinal Mucosa and Colon Comfort

Principle 4:  Support Intestinal Defense

Principle 5:  Promote Detoxification and Elimination

Principle 6:  Re-establish Healthy Microflora

Digestive Wellness

An optimally functioning digestive tract is the cornerstone of good health. The gastrointestinal system provides the body with the nutrients it requires to build and maintain all of its physiological structures and biochemical functions. As a result, the origins of many health-related concerns have been traced to the gut.

Digestive Wellness An optimally functioning digestive system is the cornerstone of good health. In addition to supporting the digestion and absorption of nutrients from the diet, the gastrointestinal tract protects the body by supporting detoxification and immunological processes. Eating a healthful diet is not necessarily enough. In order to assure digestive wellness, the gastrointestinal tract must function properly in these essential areas:

  • Gastrointestinal secretions must be produced at adequate levels (e.g., hydrochloric acid, pepsin, pancreatic bicarbonate, amylase, lipase, protease, intestinal lactase, sucrase, maltase)
  • The gastric mucosa must be protected by appropriate mucin production and microbial defenses
  • Support of the intestinal mucosa is important for proper absorption of nutrients as well as to support a semipermeable barrier that permits passage of needed nutrients while barring absorption of undesirable substances from the gut
  • Supporting intestinal comfort and normal stool frequency and composition may be influenced by the balance and activity of cell mediators present in the colonic mucosa
  • Intestinal defenses must be able to support an appropriate balance of microorganisms
  • Gastrointestinal motility must assure proper elimination of waste and toxins
  • Hepatic function must be sufficient to assure proper assimilation of dietary lipids and detoxification of endogenous toxins and xenobiotics
  • Healthy intestinal microflora must be present in appropriate numbers to assure healthy intestinal pH, immune response and microbial defenses.

Age-Related Digestive Challenges

In healthy individuals the aging process can contribute to a decrease in basal metabolic rate (BMR) and altered gastrointestinal function. The following digestive changes have been associated with aging:

  • Reduced salivary production and decreased salivary amylase
  • Decreased gastric acid secretion potentially impacting nutrient absorption
  • Compromised capacity of the gastric mucosa to rebound from environmental, dietary, and oxidative stresses
  • Reduction in absorptive surface area of the intestinal mucosa leading to decreased nutrient absorption
  • Alteration of bacterial microflora balance in the small and large intestines
  •  Slowed digestion and many secondary effects that can result from these changes


How Do I Start My Evaluation and Customized Digestive Restoration?

The practitioners at RenŪ Progressive Medicine, LLC have teamed with Integrative Therapeutics and the Digestive Restoration Program.

The practitioners will meet with each patient, complete a health history, necessary physical exam, and present a comprehensive Patient Assessment Questionnaire for each patient to fill out.  The information gathered from the patient questionnaire combined with health history, will customize each patient’s Digestive Restoration Program.

It is also highly recommended that each patient complete food intolerance testing alongside the this program, although not required.

Depending on presentation, physical exam, and health history, additional lab testing may be warranted.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

Dr Fields and Dr. Pendell will be offering this service at the Portland Location.  CLICK HERE to book online or call the office at 503.477.7915

Dr. Walker and Dr. Fields will be offering this service at the Hood River Location.  CLICK HERE to book online or call the office at 541-399-6644

Dr. Samantha Du Moulin will be seeing patients come September 1st 2015 at our satellite Oregon Coast location in downtown Manzanita!

Please keep posted for details! She will still be seeing her patients at the other locations (she is not leaving)!  



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