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Dietary Restriction and Kids


Dietary Restriction and Kids

Kicking gluten, grains, and/or dairy out of a kiddos diet can take thought, patience, a little cooking skill, and perhaps a bit of trickery.  However, once you master which foods are on the ‘safe’ list, it can actually be pretty easy to make the change.  There are a lot of great books and other resources available to help parents navigate all of the information and set you up with some great go-to recipes.  My mission over the spring and summer is to find wholesome and palatable foods (palatable for children that is), that are easy and fun to make.

One of the most helpful things you can do to get your child to try new foods is get them in the kitchen helping.  Also, if you have a garden, allow them to help you grow and take care of the plants.  Children need to feel as if they are contributing to the family, and this gives them an excellent opportunity to do so.  Giving them simple chores that are fun and will allow them to get a little dirty is exactly what they need and crave.  Over the next few months, I plan to post any and all recipes I find or create, taste tested by my very own 2 year old picky eater.  I look forward to discovering new and healthy foods.  I promise not to only post desserts, though it is tempting…

Recipes will all be labeled according to dietary restrictions, ie. Paleo, GF-gluten free, DF-dairy free, GAPS, ect.. And you will find them published under Daily Diet Blog.


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