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Childhood Allergies



Childhood Allergies

It is officially spring and as exciting as that is, it also means allergy season is here!

Not only do we typically see a resurgence of colds this time of year, but many children are reacting to their environment as well.  Spring brings us an abundance of mold spores and pollens, as Mother Nature wakes her sleepy vegetation with sunshine, and more rain.

Interesting fact: The single most common allergy among infants and children in the first year is to the protein in cow’s milk.

Environmental allergies (inhalant allergies) are often referred to as hay fever.  Both environmental and food allergies can cause similar symptoms

Food allergies (and sensitivities) are also common in childhood.  In infants allergens may cause problems such as colic, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes, eczema and congestion. Other symptoms include allergic shiners (bluish discoloration around both eyes) and puffiness beneath the eyes may also appear.

A child with allergies and/or sensitivities may also have recurrent sore throats, chronic nasal congestion, and recurring ear infections. Children under the age of three are most likely to have food sensitivities because their immune systems cannot yet tolerate a wide range of new substances. Fortunately, they usually grow out of these reactions.



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