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Chickens Antibiotics Heavy Metals

Chickens antibiotics heavy metals

Chickens Antibiotics Heavy Metals

Chickens Loaded with Antibiotics and Heavy Metals

Did you know that most chickens in the grocery stores are loaded with antibiotics and heavy metals?

Would you eat what your chicken is eating?

Was that chicken factory raised?  Was that chicken raised on a farm?  Was that chicken kept in a cage its whole life?

What was that chicken fed to help increase its egg production?

Are there heavy metals in that chicken?

What was that chicken fed to decrease its chance of disease while kept in small cages, covered in feces.

Chicken can be very good for us.  it is a great source of lean meat, but consumers need to be smarter and more aware.

Where did that chicken come from? 

The tests identified the proprietary chicken to include: Fluoroquinolones (banned antibiotics), arsenic, caffeine, antidepressants, antihistamines, acetaminophen, and green tea. Are you kidding? Why all of these?

More than 2.2 million pounds of roxarsone (an arsenic-based animal drug) is utilized to fight parasites and increase the growth rate of chickens…and the arsenic is just a component of the feed.

Caffeine keeps chickens awake, so they will eat more, getting fluffier, faster. The purpose of the antidepressants is not to keep chickens calmer while living in hideous conditions, but rather, to keep their meat more tender. It is thought that stressed chickens grow slowly and have tougher meat. The acetaminophen is to keep them relatively pain free.

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