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5MTHFR and Histamine Intolerance

  5MTHFR and Histamine Intolerance The causative factors for histamine intolerance are many: Genetic susceptibility: MTHFR, DAO, MAO, HNMT, PEMT, etc Pathogens Nutrient deficiencies: B12, folate, B6, B2, B1, Zn, Cu, C, methionine Nutrient excesses: histidine, protein excess in general…

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Portland Nutrient IV Specials

Portland Nutrient IV Specials IV Specials! The cost of IV nutrients has increased rapidly and significantly. Starting July 1st 2015, Hood to Coast Healthcare LLC will be charging an IV Supply charge for all IV treatments when billing insurance.  When…

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Paleo Products Discounted

Paleo Products Discounted All Paleo products are 25% off! This includes the following: Paleo bars, paleo protein shakes and and the Paleo Cleanse 21-day detox kit! Today is Paleo Motivation Day! Products must be purchased by 5:30pm PST 6/11/15  …

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Discounted Hormone Testing

  Discounted Hormone Testing Hood to Coast Healthcare is offering hormone testing discounts today only! We will be using Access labs! Access labs offer a great discount for cash paying patients.  This does not include adrenal testing. Please contact the…

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June 2015 Daily Deals

June 2015 Daily Deals! Hood to Coast Healthcare will be running weekday daily deals for the whole month of June! June: The month of transition from Spring to Summer! The Hood To Coast Healthcare Crew would like to shower you with…

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Vaccine Integrative Approach

Vaccine Integrative Approach Vaccinations may well be the most controversial topic in medicine these days. There is heated and emotional debate on both sides, complete with name-calling and fear tactics. Most parents have questions about vaccines, and why not, with…

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