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Biotin Injections

Biotin Injections Biotin aka Vitamin B7 aka Vitamin H Biotin (Vitamin B7) is one of the water-soluble vitamins in B Complex. Biotin helps convert the food that we eat into energy. It is essential for these processes. Biotin plays a major…

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ENOX2 Early Cancer Detection

ENOX2 Early Cancer Detection What is ENOX2? The ENOX2 protein species resides inside the blood.  It is unique to cancer cells and is not present in non-cancer cells.  These proteins are highly sensitive markers for early detection in both primary…

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New Year’s Detox

New Year's Detox with Krista Barlow, Functional Nutritionist Happy holidays!  The holiday season is filled with celebrations, boozy drinks and sweet treats. It is that time of year that over indulgence can occur, on more than one occasion, leaving you feeling lethargic…

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Food Testing and Nutrition Consults

Food Intolerance Testing and Nutrition Consults with Krista! Food Intolerance Testing Did you know there have been over 140 different foods identified that may be causing adverse health reactions?  Food allergies have become increasingly common in the modern world, so much that it…

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