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Biking the St. John’s Bridge

Biking the St. John's Bridge


Biking the St. John’s Bridge

Biking Across the St. John’s Bridge

I finished working at the new Portland office on Saturday and was able to get on my bike!  I missed my bike! I love biking the St. John’s Bridge!

One of my favorite road bike rides involves leaving my home in NE Portland, biking to north Portland, to the Overlook area, across the St. John’s bridge, down by Forest park, over to NW portland, and back to NE Portland!  It’s tradition to stop in NW for a glass of wine and an appetizer!

If you have never seen the St. John’s bridge up close, I highly recommend it.  The park underneath the bridge is beautiful and the views from the top of the bridge are amazing.

The St. Johns Bridge is a steel suspension bridge that spans the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, USA, between the St. Johns neighborhood and the northwest industrial area around Linnton.

The bridge was built within 21 months and one million dollars under budget. At the time of its completion, the bridge had:

  • the highest clearance in the nation,
  • the longest prefabricated steel cable rope strands,
  • the tallest steel frame piers of reinforced concrete,
  • the first application of aviation clearance lights to the towers, and
  • longest suspension span west of Detroit, Michigan.

Dr. Samantha Du Moulin, Naturopathic Doctor.


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