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Beach Running


Beach Running

Beach Running

Running on the beach is such an amazing exercise!  I wish I lived closer to a long stretch of sand.

Over the weekend, I was in the Netarts-Oceanside area alongWY 131 off 101 from Tillamook.  The beach stretched the whole Netarts Bay to Oceanside.  My dogs were so happy!  We ran the beach twice per day while our visit.

What is so great about beach running?  Everything: The view, the challenge, the ability to tire out the pups, a soft running surface, and peace!

I have to admit, I have not been that sore from running in a VERY long time.  I ran the beach barefooted most of the time, and I did put on running shoes one time.  Running barefoot is a real killer on the calves!  I am still sore.

What to know before running on the beach:

  • Sun protection if needed
  • Barefoot or shoes (most people would chose shoes)
  • Soft sand is a more challenging workout than hard sand
  • It can hurt your knees if the beach is slanted
  • Beaches tend to be less slanted at low tide
  • At low tide, the sand tends to be harder, more flat, and easier to run on
  • Bring the dogs!

CLICK HERE to read more about the benefits of running on the sand as well as how to prepare for it!


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