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Barlow Pass-Twin Lakes


Barlow Pass-Twin Lakes

Barlow Pass-Twin Lakes

This is a great hike that follows part of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) past two beautiful high elevation lakes with views of Mt. Hood.  The elevation gain is minimal on this hike so I usually trail run it.  It is about 10-12 mile roundtrip depending on the path you take.  You can also climb up to Palmateer View.

I completed this trail run today!  The second time this season.  I took Tundra (150lb Newfoundland) with me today so our trip took a bit longer than usual!  Such a great way to start the first day of fall!


  • Above is a picture of the Lower Twin Lake with Mt. Hood in the backdrop.
  • Below is Leroy, my chocolate lab, swimming in Upper Twin Lake

Barlow Pass-Twin Lakes


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