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Autoimmune Disease TH1/TH2 Dominance

Autoimmune Disease TH1/TH2 Dominance

Autoimmune Disease TH1/TH2 Dominance

It is very important to test autoimmune markers such as ANA (anti-nuclear antigen) and RF (Rheumatoid Factor), but these tell us very little about how the specifics of how the immune system is reacting.

With an autoimmune reaction, it is best to evaluate how the immune system is reacting. The two main systems to evaluate are the TH1 and TH2 response. In autoimmune diseases one system tends to be dominant.  It is important to identify which system this is.

All individuals with an active autoimmune disease will demonstrate TH1 or TH2 dominance.  Immune system dominance relates to an immune system that is over-reactive, under-reactive, or is imbalanced in another way.

What are some examples of autoimmune diseases?

How do I test for Th1 Vs. TH2 dominance?

When testing for immune system dominance, it is best to rule out active infections Vs. immune system dysregulation. This can be determined through testing.

Once infection has been ruled out and immune dysregulation has been determined, there are treatment protocols that can be followed.

How do I create balance in my immune system?

First, it is best to determine what immune system could be dominant or suppressed. This can be done through lab testing or by response to certain supplements/herbs.  Each case can vary.  Please consult with a physician that specializes in this.

Once the testing has been completed, the immune system can be re-balanced through either one of the following or a combination:

  • Suppressing the immune system that is over-reactive
  • Supporting the immune system that is under-reactive
  • Rebalancing the immune system through a “mediator” immune system that works to rebalance both

How do I get the proper testing and treatment?

Make an appointment who has been specifically trained to in the above practices, treatment, and testing.

Start taking control of your immune system!






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