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Naturopathic Electrolyte Replacement

Side effects of low electrolytes: Dizziness Nausea and vomiting Muscle cramping and spasm Fatigue Abdominal cramping Muscle pain Heart arrhythmias Heart palpitations Read the following article to learn about the importantance of replacing electrolytes: Click Here Dr. Du Moulin at…

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Naturopathic IV Nutrient Therapy

I.V. Nutrient Therapy Intravenous (I.V.) Nutrient Therapy involves the administration of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into an individual’s bloodstream through the use of a needle.  There are two main categories or types of I.V. applications.  First is a…

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Naturopathic Liver Detoxification and Support

Naturopathic Liver Detoxification and Support The liver is thought to be responsible for over 500 reactions in the body.  I have listed a few of the major functions: ·       Protein synthesis and metabolism ·       Carbohydrate metabolism and weight loss ·       Cholesterol production ·       Proper fat breakdown…

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Weight Loss Dr Oz

Weight Loss Dr Oz Dr. Oz recently did a show talking about hypothyroidism and the inability to lose weight.  He had a few valid points as well as some take home messages about hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, hypothyroidism is on the rise,…

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LDN MS Treatment

LDN MS Treatment Low Dose Naltrexone: Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Option The following study was conducted over 6 months on 40 patients with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS). The study concluded that symptoms such as spasticity, pain, fatigue, depression, and quality…

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