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Top 5 GMO Foods

  Top 5 GMO Foods The United States government has allowed genetically modified and engineered organisms to enter the public food supply with no warning. Every day, millions of people unknowingly ingest these GMOs Multiple scientific studies have linked GMOs to illness,…

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The Most Toxic Cleaners

The Most Toxic Cleaners A squeaky-clean, spotless house brings a sense of pride to many Americans, but here's the toxic truth: something that should be making us feel good is actually making us sick. From cleaning ingredients powerful enough not…

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Andropause and Men’s Health

Andropause and Men's Health Post Father's Day Special Dr. Du Moulin has completed additional research and training in men's health and andropause. What is Andropause?  What id Low Testosterone? The term andropause has been used to denote age-related decline in androgen hormone concentrations…

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Alternative Medicine Summer Love

Alternative Medicine Summer Love Discounted B12 Injections! Chastidy, our rocking medical assistant, will be offering FREE blood pressure checks for the month of July! If you, or anyone you know and love, could use some "HEART-LOVE", then head on in! Vitamin B12 Special: Vitamin…

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