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Annual Weight Loss Special


Dr. Du Moulin has been treating weight loss patients for many years.  She has helped over 500 people lose weight, safe and effectively.

Every year, she offers 2 weeks FREE of her weight loss protocol with purchase of the 4-week protocol.

Savings of $100!

Dr. Samantha Du Moulin personally supervises and guides each individual through customized weight loss protocols, helping you lose weight safely, rapidly, and effectively.  She combines the latest research with her patient care experience, focusing her program to meet each patient’s individual needs.  People gain weight and have trouble losing for a variety of reasons: hormone imbalanceheavy metal burden and toxic load, improper nutrition education, thyroid imbalance, blood sugar abnormalities, and malnutrition.  Dr. Du Moulin customizes each weight loss program to treat the whole person, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Happy Holidays and Happy Weight Loss!

Please call the clinic for details.

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