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6-Week Paleo Challenge


6-Week Paleo Challenge

RenŪ Progressive Medicine will be offering a Paleo Diet Challenge for the month of June and July, 2013.

What is included in the challenge?

RenŪ Progressive Medicine has teamed up with PaleoPlan, a local Paleo Nutrition company, to bring you a 6-week guide with the following:

  • History of the paleo diet
  • Paleo diet basic information
  • Complete 6-week menu guide for the entire 6-week plan!

How Much Does It Cost?

  • The Paleo information and menu guide: $50/each
  • Initial Appointment:  body measurements, body impedance monitoring, and nutrition counseling: co-incurance/copay if your insurance covers ND office visits, or $99, if your insurance does not cover.
  • 3-week f/u appointment: weight, body measurements, and questions: FREE
  • 6-week f/u appointment: weight, body measurements, body impedance monitoring, and weight maintenance plan: $79
  • Total cost: $228/person
  • Discount of $25 Off per couple if two people sign up together

 We strive as Naturopathic Physicians to offer the best nutrition plan for you!

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