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$5 B12 Shots Today and Tomorrow

$5 B12 Shots Today and Tomorrow

$5 B12 Shots Today and Tomorrow

Jana, our amazing medical assistant, will be giving $5 B12 shots today $10 B12 shots tomorrow!

Come on in and get your energy booster!

What is B12 good for, you ask?

Vitamin B12:

  • B12 is not readily absorbed through our intestines.  It requires many processes in order for it to enter into our blood system.  The following can lead to a deficiency in B12: pregnancy, malabsorption and intestinal diseases, decreased stomach acid, vegetarian and vegan diets, liver disease, intestinal surgeries, and the elderly population.  Signs and symptoms of decreased B12 include the following: dementia, memory loss, numbness/tingling in the hands and feet, fatigue, insomnia, anemia, impaired immune response, asthma, allergies, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, and depression.  Most people notice a burst of energy after an injection.
*Limit 5 per person
*$5 B12 Shots only offered on 4/6/14 until 5pm
*$10 B12 Shots only offered on 4/7/14 until 5pm

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