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45 Day Paleo Diet Detox and Cleanse

45 Day Paleo Diet Detox and Cleanse

45 Day Paleo Diet Detox and Cleanse

Join the Practitioners at RenŪ Progressive Medicine for a 45 day paleo cleanse!

Wintertime is notorious for rich comfort foods, decreased energy levels, less physical activity, and more time bundled up on the couch.  On average, we gain 3-10 pounds each year.  Most of us never lose that weight, allowing it to add up over the years.  Not only is weight gain a concern during the winter months, but also our energy and mood can suffer with the increased darkness during the day.

However, spring is in the air!  Flowers are starting to bloom, birds are singing, and the air is crisp and clean.  For many, this time of year signifies a time to open the windows and deep clean the house.  We want to remove the darkness and dampness of winter and allow spring freshness to permeate.  The same can be done for our body.  Spring clean our body…sounds like a great way to ditch the heavy winter meals, kick start our energy, and shed those winter blues.  But where to start?

Join us for a 6-week detox program!

There will be two options to choose from – a supplement based detox or a paleo diet meal plan.  The program consists of an initial visit, weekly miniature check-in visits to keep you on track, and a final office visit after 6 weeks.  You will be invited to a private Facebook page for social support, weekly ideas and recipes, and motivation to keep going.  

If you are ready to spring clean your body, call to schedule your appointment with Dr. Fields, Dr. Walker or Dr. Pendell today!

Dr. Fields sees patients at the Portland and Hood River Location
Dr. Pendell sees patients at the Portland Location only
Dr. Walker sees patients at the Hood River Location only

Feel free to call the office to book your initial appointment or log online at either location!


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